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Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology

Laura Norman’s international best-seller, is available in five languages. With nearly half a
million copies in circulation, Laura has written what is considered the essential text on the fundamentals of Reflexology and how it can improve the lives of people from birth onward.
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Take Laura Norman home with you today!

Laura Norman Instructional DVD

Let Laura Norman teach you Reflexology at home with our easy-to- follow 60-minute DVD designed to help you master the art and science of Reflexology! Detailed charts and visuals - 30 easy to learn relaxation techniques - 50 hand, finger, and thumb techniques. Get a copy...

Laura Norman Client and Student Testimonials
aReflexology • Life Coaching
Regis Philbin and Laura Norman "Laura Norman’s Reflexology spared me from a kidney stone operation and saved my life. When I am away from Laura, my feet miss her. What she does is the second-best thing in the world!"
-- Regis Philbin, Co-host of "Regis and Kelly Live"
"Three months of Laura Norman Reflexology on a regular basis and I
was rid of 20 years of constipation."
-- Susan Berman, Stockbroker

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  "I suffered from low back pain on and off since my automobile accident three years ago. Most times it is painful even to lay down. After just one Reflexology treatment I was able to recline without that nagging pain."
-- Richard Cahn, Business Executive
Hilary Swank
“Private Reflexology sessions with Laura Norman help me achieve a new
level of focus and inner balance—both of which help me to be a stronger
actor. During a session I can totally unwind and I leave feeling exhilarated!”
-- Hilary Swank, Actress & Academy Award-winning star of “Millionaire Baby”

"For six years I suffered with chronic headaches. Reflexology is the first method that has worked to relieve them. I wish I had heard about it sooner."
-- Marsha Elwood, Administrative Assistant

  "I had my third miscarriage last year. When a friend mentioned to me the possibility of help from Laura Norman Reflexology, I am so grateful that I followed her advice, because I now have a magnificent three month old baby after only one year of periodic treatments."
-- Carol Rosenbluth, High School English Teacher


"Wow! A total healing experience for the whole person. It will alter your
life in a profound way."
-- Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Faith, Hope, and Healing: Inspiring Lessons Learned from People Living with Cancer

Bernie Siegel, MD
"I had trouble sleeping until I found Laura Norman Reflexology. Now I sleep through the night. Thank you, Laura."
-- David Manning, CPA

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"I have glaucoma and after each session of Reflexology the pressure in my eyes is vastly reduced and for a while I don't need my glasses. Wow!"
-- Victor Phillips, Computer Programmer

    "Most illness is due to emotional and physical stress. Reflexology is a powerful method for reducing stress to accelerate the healing process."
-- Warren Berland, Psychotherapist

    "Reflexology has helped me with various long term infections, including hepatitis and cystitis. I was struggling with these problems and found little relief through drugs or traditional medical treatment. Once I began regular treatment with Laura Norman, my symptoms subsided and eventually I was symptom-free. I recommend this treatment highly."
-- D. Krulewitch, Business Administration

    "Taking long walks with my dog is one of my greatest pleasures, but my sciatica forced me to cut them short. At 76, I had resigned myself to this until Reflexology proved me wrong. After my treatments the pain subsides and it lasts."
-- John McKenna, Banker

aReflexology Certification • Continuing Education
Laura Norman teaching Reflexology I am so very grateful to you, Laura, and to your exceptional teachers
for the knowledge imparted to me two years ago. I just want you to know how enriched my life has been since taking reflexology at your school. I have been sharing reflexology with family and friends and it has given me great joy! I thank you so very much for this wonderful,
vital work that you've chosen to do.
-- Mary Jo

Click Here to View Client Testimonials "Laura’s program gave me the confidence to learn new skills and envision a new outcome for my life’s work."
-- Don T.

  "My income has increased almost 50% since I added Laura Norman Reflexology℠ to my Massage Therapy practice. Clients love getting a massage and reflexology in one longer session...and it's a lot easier
on me!"
-- Janet R.

Laura Norman Reflexology class
"Laura’s book Feet First and her DVD are amazing! Her instructors, Sande and Michael, are so passionate, learning Laura’s Method of Reflexology is fun and easy."
-- Ken S.

"I came to Laura Norman because of the great reputation her Certification Program has in the field of Reflexology. I return for her advanced techniques and other continuing education classes to add
to my knowledge and skills, and to stay in the forefront of professional reflexology."
-- Regina G.


"Your Foot and Face Reflexology classes were extremely informative. Very detail oriented!! I left your class with an abundance of information and techniques that I can immediately incorporate into my practice. Thank you so much!"
--Abby L.

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