Why Nutritional Cleansing
is Safe for Rapid Weight Loss

  • Most DIETS that promote RAPID weight loss use harsh diuretics which rob the body of important nutrients and minerals (especially potassium, magnesium, calcium) which can dangerously upset your electrolyte balance – causing dehydration and often depression.

  • Those diets can also use Harmful Stimulants –
    like Ma Huang, Ephedra or Caffeine which speed up your metabolism in an unhealthy way – increasing your blood pressure and heart rate.

  • Our nutritional cleansing program uses no Harmful Stimulants and it feeds your body wholesome LIQUID FOODrich in nutrients, minerals, amino acids and live enzymes -
    to help CLEANSE your body and NOURISH
    and REJUVENATE your cells.

  • That’s why you feel so vibrant and have so much energy. When you help your body to free itself of impurities – you feel better, brighter and have
    lots more energy.