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Laura Norman ReflexologySM Certification Additional Requirements
The Professional's ChoiceTM
Private Tutorials Supervision Classes

Laura Norman ReflexologySM Private Tutorials (Foot - 7 • Hand - 2 • Face & Ear - 2)
Our program was the first to provide one-on-one guidance and coaching to every student. We use three types of private tutoring sessions to ensure that you fully understand and are able to effectively perform all of the techniques in our foot, hand, face and ear protocols:

    Laura Norman in session
  • Receive a professional session from a Laura NormanSM Certified Instructor and experience the Laura Norman Method of ReflexologySM
  • Give your instructor a session to experience your touch, your techniques and point work. You will receive confidence-building guidance and feedback
  • Your instructor is at your side as you perform a session, guiding you through each step of the protocol and helping you refine your technique and point work.
    Laura Norman Reflexology Foot Chart   Laura Norman ReflexologySM Supervision Class (16 Hours)
As students you will be out in the field completing your documented sessions and discovering new topics and challenges. Supervision Class provides an environment where you come to be renewed and supported as you envision your future with Reflexology. Sixteen hours devoted to exploring in-depth the specific inquiries, challenges and successes of students as you begin moving toward professional status. Topics we explore include:
  • Refining creative strategies for sessions
  • Discussion of issues including boundaries and ethics
    with clients
  • Envisioning career goals that meet your individual needs
  • Learning new, advanced techniques.
Feet First Book by Laura Norman

Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology

Laura Norman’s international best-seller, is available in five languages. With nearly half a
million copies in circulation, Laura has written what is considered the essential text on the fundamentals of Reflexology and how it can improve the lives of people from birth onward.
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