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Becoming a Professional Reflexologist
Laura Norman ReflexologySM ARCB Certification Licensure
      Introduction to Laura Norman Reflexology        

Laura Norman ReflexologySM
Become a Laura NormanSM Certified Reflexologist and enjoy the prestige, status and credibility it brings. You will be confident in the knowledge that you have completed the most comprehensive and holistic reflexology training program available. And you will be fully prepared to add to your professional standing through National Certification by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), and by joining The Reflexology Association of America and your state reflexology association.

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National Certification and Recognition
After you fulfill all of the Laura Norman ReflexologySM Requirements to Practice, you are eligible to apply for National Certification from the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB). We offer the one-day Laura Norman ReflexologySM ARCB Exam Review and Preparation Class to prepare you for the ARCB written and practical exam. We review and highlight pertinent information, demonstrate ARCB-required techniques and provide an opportunity to share your experiences and get your questions answered.

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Licensure Requirements and Reflexology Associations
Licensure requirements within the United States vary by state and, in some states, by city. Requirements range from "no licensing required" to "massage therapy licensed required" in order to legally advertise and practice as a professional reflexologist. Reflexologists in many states have formed associations in part to create an organized effort toward establishing reflexology as a separate, non-invasive modality from massage therapy in their state - in a number of instances these efforts have been successful.

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  Check City / State Legal Requirements for the Practice of Reflexology for state and local information, and also contact the Reflexology Association of America (RAA) to locate your state association for current requirements in your state. Join RAA and your state association to enhance your professional standing, support the growth of professional reflexology and to gain access to a tremendous amount of resources.
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