Regis Philbin and Laura Norman
"Laura Norman's Reflexology spared me from a kidney stone operation and saved my life."

- Regis Philbin, Co-Host of ABC's "Regis & Kelly Live"
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Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology

Laura Norman’s international best-seller, is available in five languages. With nearly half a
million copies in circulation, Laura has written what is considered the essential text on the fundamentals of Reflexology and how it can improve the lives of people from birth onward.
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aBackground Information
About Laura Norman About Laura Norman (151kb)
Learn more about America's foremost Reflexologist and Inspired Life CoachSM.
Laura Norman Reflexology FAQs
  Reflexology Q & A (142kb)
Find answers to frequently asked
questions about Reflexology.

Laura Norman Media Appearances Laura Norman Reflexology Story Angles
  Media Appearances (54kb)
A partial list, grouped by type
of media, including TV, radio, newspapers and magazines in
the U.S. and abroad.
  Reflexology Story Angles (202kb)
Choose your story angle/s, then give
us a call to schedule your interview and complimentary Reflexology session
Laura Norman Reflexology Training Brochure   Reflexology Training (267kb)
Information on Laura Norman ReflexologySM Certification
Training Programs, the most comprehensive available.
Laura Norman Sessions Brochure Sessions & Services (207kb)
Laura Norman ReflexologySM, Life Wellness CoachingSM & Massage sessions restore the balance within while promoting a healthy and joyful life.
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aSelected Articles
Cosmo Girl article   Cosmo Girl (198kb)
Read about a five-step process sure to have your guy, and his feet, always lead right back to you.
Elle article Elle (107kb)
With all the attention focused on the baby, moms often neglect themselves. But pregnancy calls for some serious self-indulgence...
Footwear+ article Footwear+ (62kb)
Pillows talk - learn about Laura's fascinating foot-shaped pillows with her Reflexology foot map on them. A great at-home guide for total body comfort.
GQ article   GQ (234kb)
Laura Norman's Reflexology saved the day for this intrepid writer. As he said, "Not only did I physically decompress during the 45-minute session...I retained a deep sense of relaxation."
InStyle article InStyle (130kb)
Hilary Swank, Laura Norman foot pillows and Drew Barrymore...all on one page!
Modern Bride article   Modern Bride (181kb)
Discover why this writer has "... given up full-body massage for the pleasure of well-applied pressure to...my feet..." and why she '...walked out on air."
Boca Raton Magazine   Boca Raton Magazine (243kb)
For your Body & Soul - Laura walks you through all the tips and tricks
you need to take care of your feet. Very sole searching!
  Woman's World Magazine   Woman's World (1.02mb)
Read the cover story about how Laura Norman ReflexologySM helps men and women manage their weight and live happier, healthier lives.
Town & Country article   Town & Country (251kb)
The Banker follows Jane into
the New Age of better health... through their feet, naturally.
Heart of Delray article with Laura and Regis Philbin   Heart of Delray (250kb)
Relax, you can lose weight... through your feet! Read about a session with Laura, and how she helps women in menopause.
NY Times New York Times (119kb)
Experience a different kind of head-to-toe treatment - Laura Norman Reflexology and dentistry!
NY Press Award for Best Reflexologist   NY Press Best of NY (55kb)
Learn why Laura Norman was voted Best Reflexologist in Manhattan by
New York Press.
WHERE NY Magazine WHERE Magazine (370kb)
Reflexologist Laura Norman has feet on her mind, and she's the one to see when you are in New York City.
Boca Life Magazine BOCA LIFE Magazine (287kb)
'Sole Searching' - Part Reflexologist, part Life Coach and full-time healer Laura Norman gives us the secret to stress-free success.
Palm Beach Post Palm Beach Post (370kb)
The Healthy Living Editor calls Laura 'A head-to-toe Holistic Healer' in this feature article on Laura Norman Reflexology.
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aVideo Clips Click Video Image to View
Laura Norman Reflexology Intro Video   Intro to Laura Norman Reflexology (01:43)
America's foremost Reflexologist Laura Norman explains why her Method is unique.
Laura Norman Video: How Reflexology Works   How Does Reflexology Work? (02:47)
Laura Norman explains the art
and science of Reflexology.
Click to view   Click to view
Live with Regis Philbin and Kelly Live with Regis and Kelly (03:00)
Regis Philbin talks about his visit to Laura Norman and tells how Laura helped him heal - twice!
Morning Show   The Morning Show (01:37)
Laura Norman talks with Tony Guida about Reflexology, and
how it is different from massage.
Click to view Click to view
Regis and Kathie Lee Live   Regis & Kathie Lee (01:52)
Regis gets a treatment while he and Kathie Lee talk to Laura Norman about how Laura's Reflexology helps him.
The View Video   The View (01:17)
Laura Norman shows Barbara et al how Reflexology works for you - Body and Soul.
Click to view Click to view
New York Non-Stop Video   New York Non-Stop (02:45)
Laura Norman explains what Reflexology is; Clients talk about a deep sense of relaxation; Reflexology as a career.
extra Video   extra (00:54)
Hear all about Laura's clients' success from using Laura Norman Reflexology for weight management and stress relief.
Click to view             Click to view          
Fox News Video  

Fox News (01:42)
What can Reflexology do for
you? Listen as laura talks about reducing stress, losng weight
and much more...


  Good Morning America   Good Morning America (01:32)
Dr. Mehmet Oz on how Reflexology improves the lymphatics; Laura and Tina Sloan talk about the healthy "high" from Reflexology.
Click to view     Click to view          
Check back here soon - we frequently add clips of Laura Norman's
media appearances and clips about Laura Norman ReflexologySM.
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