Nutritional Cleansing
Our Story

Laura Norman and Michael   As a health and wellness profes-sional, I know that impurities we are all exposed to can affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being. And I have become increasingly concerned about the depletion of nutrients from the foods we eat - even the "good" ones (watch the 'Cleansed for
Life' video to learn more.) I've been asked to represent many programs that claimed to provide good nutrition, and others that offered some form of cleansing. So when we learned of Isagenix and its successful nutritional cleansing program, my partner Michael and I did extensive research and due diligence on Isagenix until we were convinced Isagenix offered a real solution.

We spent three days meeting with the founders of the company, which confirmed our sense of them and Isagenix as having high integrity, excellent nutritional cleansing product know-ledge and experience, a high level of consciousness, and a clear mission to help people eliminate physical and financial pain from their lives - a mission with which we are fully aligned.

We began by using the Isagenix 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing and Fat-Burning Program a year ago. We are impressed with the quality of Isagenix's products and the results we've had to date - Michael has released 22 lbs and 4" from his waist, and I have released 15 lbs. to date and I'm wearing clothes that have been in my closet a long time. We feel great, and we're maintaining our weight with little or no effort!

We also get to share the best Nutritional Cleansing program available with our friends, family and clients. Contact us for more Info - we'll be happy to tell you more about it.

Yours in good health,
Laura Norman