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Regis Philbin and Laura Norman
"Laura Norman's Reflexology spared me from a kidney stone operation and saved my life."

- Regis Philbin, Co-Host of ABC's "Regis & Kelly Live"
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All-new Laura Norman Foot Reflexology Streaming Video

Let Laura Norman teach you Reflexology Techniques at home with our easy-to- follow 95-minute Streaming Video designed to help you master the art and science of Reflexology! Detailed charts and visuals - 30 easy to learn relaxation techniques - 50 hand, finger, and thumb techniques.
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Laura Norman Hand & Foot Therapy Laura Norman Hand & Foot Therapy Laura Norman Body Therapy
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Reflexology is a very rewarding career, and also a great way to help your family, friends and loved ones improve their health and well-being. Complete our comprehensive, holistic Reflexology training courses, learn many unique Reflexology techniques and help people relax and experience a deep sense of well-being...naturally.
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Laura Norman I have been blessed to be able to share the amazing power of the Laura Norman Method of Reflexology with thousands of clients and students over the
Whether your goals include:
>> a slimmer, more healthy body
>> taking better care of your feet
>> releasing stress, tension or pain
>> helping family & friends feel great
>> giving the gift of better health...

Laura Norman Wellness products help you reach your goals...naturally.
last forty years. I was inspired to study reflexology at a time in my life when I was experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety. In one of my podcasts on iTunes, I share my story of how I got started toward a very fulfilling and rewarding career in reflexology and holistic wellness.
All sessions include Aromatherapy.
Sessions available 7 days a week, by appointment only.
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