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Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology

Laura Norman’s international best-seller, is available in five languages. With nearly half a
million copies in circulation, Laura has written what is considered the essential text on the fundamentals of Reflexology and how it can improve the lives of people from birth onward.
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NEW! Laura Norman
Reflexology Home Study (Earn 17 CEU's)
Laura Norman ReflexologySM Continuing Education
The Professional's ChoiceTM
CE Hours for AMTA, NCBTMB, Florida LMT's, AOTA Home Study Course


Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEU's)
As a Health Care Professional, you are required to take continuing education classes to maintain your certification and/or license. The Laura Norman ReflexologySM Program includes several classes for expanding your knowledge and skills while earning continuing education hours. Earn CEU's with our NEW! Home Study Course, too. Upcoming classes include:


• Laura Norman ReflexologySM Advanced Techniques (16 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman ReflexologySM Advanced Lower Leg and Foot
(16 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Polarity
(16 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Aromatherapy
(8 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Law of Attraction
(8 CE Hours)

Class Schedules

For Massage Therapists
: Florida, AMTAand NCBTMB CE Hours are available for all Laura Norman ReflexologySM Certification Training Program and Continuing Education classes.
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Laura Norman ReflexologySM NEW! Hands-On Advanced Techniques Class (16 CE Hours) - $347

  • Learn the newest developments in Laura’s wholistic approach to Reflexology
    - Use of visualization & affirmations to achieve desired outcomes
    - How conscious language shifts energy - both yours AND your client’s
    - Learn how to use the symbolism of conditions to help your clients
    - Find out how using NLP can enhance your client relationships
  • Watch Sande Rosen demonstrate advanced relaxation
    and reflexing techniques - and then practice them yourself in class
  • Hands-On Exchange - Experience our newest techniques
  • Benefit from over 80 years of combined reflexology knowledge
    and experience

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Laura Norman ReflexologySM NEW! Advanced Lower Leg and Foot Class
(16 CE Hours) -$347

  • Would you like to offer advanced therapeutic techniques for the
    lower legs and feet to your clients?

  • Focus on specific anatomy/physiology of lower legs & feet, plus
    their impact on the interrelated systems of the body?

  • How would you like to strengthen your effectiveness as a
    Reflexologist by increasing your understanding of gait analysis, bio-mechanics, foot function & shoe assessment?

  • And help your clients through the study of foot pathologies and their relationship to the body’s systems?

    Then this is the course for you!

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Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Polarity Class (16 CE Hours) - $347


Polarity, an energy-based system, synthesizes Western and Eastern healing principles and includes numerous bodywork techniques: light touch, rocking, unwinding, and deep pressure contact.

In this 2-day class you will:

  • Look at the historical differences between Allopathic and Energy-based models for wellness
  • Explore the triad principles of Polarity (positive, negative and
    neutral poles)
  • Learn about the Ayurvedic Five Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), their relationship to the chakra system, reflex zones, physiological systems and health conditions, and how they are mapped on the feet and hands as well as the body
  • Experience gentle stretches and body movement
  • Participate in “hands-on” exploratory protocols
    Add new avenues of therapeutic application for your clients, both within the framework of "classic reflexology" as well as expanding out to include full body contacts, such as :
  • Applications for working specific reflex points
  • Unique evaluative tools
  • Strategies to work with specific conditions
  • Ways to facilitate awareness and empowerment
  • Promoting the free movement of energy
  • Bringing an array of creative variations to each client

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    Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Aromatherapy (8 CE Hours) - $197

Aromatherapy is becoming ever more popular in America as an effective and enjoyable means of relaxation and better health. Aromatherapy uses botanical essences (commonly known as essential oils), from flowers, herbs, trees and resins, selected for their capacity to enhance healing responses - because botanical essences are organic they work in harmony with the body.

Our experiential class combines the value of essential oils through aromatherapy with the restorative capacity of reflexology to create a powerful, natural matrix for healing to occur on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Based on Laura Norman’s use of Aromatherapy in her Reflexology practice, during our class you will discover:

  • The essential oils and their characteristics, e.g.,
    - scents have therapeutic properties
    - stimulate natural healing forces
    - suppress infection
  • How to prepare the essential oils
    - Description of conditions
    - Reflex area(s) to work
    - Reflexology technique(s) to apply
    - Essential oils, techniques–how to apply them
  • Description and use of oils with Reflexology
  • Several blends, specially created for Laura’s practice, that work
    to restore balance in several ways. Some tone (gently strengthen) the body’s systems, some focus on de-stressing and relaxation, others on stimulating and revitalizing

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Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Law of Attraction (8 CE Hours) - $197


The Law of Attraction has gained widespread popularity recently. Laura Norman began integrating the Law of Attraction into her holistic Reflexology practice over fifteen years ago with great success. Now you can learn how to effectively use the Law of Attraction with your clients, take their results to a whole new level and increase your repeat business!

During our 1-day class you will study:

  • What the Law of Attraction is...and what it is not
  • Why Reflexology and the Law of Attraction are perfect together
  • Easy ways to explain the Law of Attraction to your clients
  • Three simple questions that open the door to deeper connection
  • Law of Attraction Tools you can offer your client...and use yourself
  • How to use the Law of Attraction over a series of sessions with your clients

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