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Laura Norman Wellness Color & Sound Therapy  
The relaxing experience of Color and Sound
Therapy has found a new home at
Laura Norman Wellness Centers.

Through the magic of modern technology, Color and Sound Therapy has been revolutionized by the Harmonial System, which draws inspiration from holistic color and music therapies and is supported by the most advanced scientific research.

Color and Sound Therapy can harmonize, revitalize, relax, and assist you on your way to wellness and focus. It has been proven to relieve stress, increase mind and body function, and relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

Our revolutionary Harmonial System for Color and Sound Therapy works in four steps:

Step 1: Lumitest (Color Reaction Test)
The Lumitest analyzes the physiological and psychological reaction you have to each color shown on the screen, then determines if your body is tense, nervous, calm, strong or weak. Each color corresponds to one of the main seven chakras of the body and the Lumitest determines which colors are essential to each individual’s therapeutic needs.

Step 2: Personalized Questionnaire
At your first consultation, you will be asked to answer questions that will help establish your general health, personal preferences, self-image, overall mood and emotional state. In following sessions, previously recorded information is updated in order to adapt your session accordingly.

Step 3: Analysis by the Harmonial Integrated Computer System
Following steps 1 and 2, Harmonial prepares your personalized Color and Sound Therapy session, composed of 3 parts: A Color for Everyone, A Universe for Everyone, and Reaching Your Own Harmony.

Step 4: Color and Sound Therapy Session

Here you are immersed in a visual bath of personalized color, music and sound, where you enter a highly relaxed state accompanied by a feeling of physical well-being. The system software chooses the colors corresponding to your therapeutic needs, first using the colors your unconscious mind accepts and then the colors it rejects.

The session continues by taking you into the heart of your prevailing element : Water (life awakening), Air (imagination and freedom), Earth (wisdom), or Fire (life strength, brightness, and power).

Finally, to complete the session, a mandala appears, each having its own significance and color based on the individual. While individualized, the purpose of the mandala is the same for all, to refocus your mind and gently prepare you to put your feet back on the ground.

Color and Sound Therapy is one of the most relaxing wellness therapies you can experience, and it’s even more beneficial when you combine sessions with The Laura Norman Method of ReflexologySM.

To inquire about Laura Norman's use of Color and Sound Therapy, and to schedule individual or combined Laura Norman ReflexologySM and Color / Sound Therapy sessions, please
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