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Laura's book Feet First and her DVD are amazing! Sande, Lisa and Michael, her instructors, are so passionate, learning Laura's Method of Reflexology is fun, informatve and easy."
-- Ken S.
, Graduate
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Foot Reflexology
Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology

Laura Norman's international best-seller, is available in five languages. With nearly half a
million copies in circulation, Laura has written what is considered the essential text on the fundamentals of Reflexology and how it can improve the lives of people from birth onward.
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Get Certified in Laura Norman Holistic ReflexologySM
Professional Foot-Hand-Face-Ear Reflexology Certifications Continuing Education


Picture Yourself Having a Lucrative, Fulfilling Career
Laura Norman ReflexologySM is powerful, healing and unique. The demand for Professional Reflexologists continues to grow, and there is tremendous career potential for someone who is certified in the Laura Norman Method. Join our Free Webinar/Teleclass to find out how you can get started helping yourself and others to heal and feel great!

Thousands of our graduates from around the globe are now happy helping their clients to experience better health...naturally. Our graduates earn $65-$150 per hour doing what they love...and so can you.

Receive expert training from our experienced, Laura Norman CertifiedSM instructors, in a supportive, nurturing environment, and gain all of the skills you'll need for a rewarding new career as a Reflexologist certified in the Laura Norman Method of ReflexologySM.

Foot Reflexology Training
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Are you a Health or Beauty Professional seeking new skills and income?
Great! Whether you are a Massage Therapist, Nurse, Esthetician, Nail Tech, Physical or Occupational Therapist, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Doula, Midwife or any other Health and Beauty Professional - Complete our Professional Certification Program, Foot Reflexology Certification, Hand Reflexology Certification, Face & Ear Reflexology Certification or any of our Continuing Education classes and integrate the unique, holistic Laura Norman Method of ReflexologySM into the services you already provide, and increase your clients, your services and your income. Class Info, Schedules, Fees


Foot Reflexology Certification
Our 300-hour Professional Foot Reflexology Certification Program is designed for anyone who wishes to practice Reflexology professionally, and who wants the most comprehensive professional foot reflexology certification program available.
Foot Certification Details  Class Schedules & Fees

    Reflexology Classes


Hand Reflexology Certification
Hand Reflexology is a great skill to learn because it's easily accessible - something that can be practiced on a person in any setting with no equipment required. Hand Reflexology is also appropriate if you are new to Reflexology or are a Health or Beauty Professional who would like to add powerful, unique, relaxing healing techniques to your wellness services.

Many LMT's, skin care specialists (Facial Specialists, Estheticians), Nail Technicians, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists register for our 4-day Certification class to expand their practice and income, and to earn CEs. Hand Certification Details  Class Schedules & Fees

    Reflexology Classes


Face & Ear Reflexology Certification
Face and Ear Reflexology Certification is appropriate if you are new to Reflexology or are a Health or Beauty Professional who would like to add powerful, unique, relaxing healing techniques to your wellness services. Many LMT's and skin care specialists (Facial Specialists, Estheticians) register for this class to earn Laura Norman Face and Ear Reflexology Certification and expand their practice and income.

In our 3-day class you will learn our holistic approach to Face and Ear Reflexology, including Laura Norman's new Face and Ear Reflexology techniques and our unique Face and Ear Reflexology protocols.

Receive a Certificate of Completion in Laura Norman Face Reflexology, and be skilled to begin practicing these unique techniques.
Face & Ear Certification Details  Class Schedules & Fees

    Reflexology Classes


Complete Professional Reflexology Certification Program
Our Complete Professional Reflexology Certification Program includes our Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology and our Face & Ear Reflexology Certifications for those who wish to offer the broadest range of Professional Reflexology services to their clients. (see Requirements to Practice for more information).
Certification Info, Schedules, Fees, Payment Options

Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEs)
As an ARCB Certified Reflexologist, Massage Therapist (Florida and NCBTMB), Occupational or Physical Therapist, you are required to take continuing education classes to maintain your certification and/or license. The Laura Norman ReflexologySM Training Program is approved for CEs contact hours to expand your knowledge and skills while earning continuing education hours.

Upcoming CE classes include all of our Foot, Hand, Ear and Face Reflexology classes PLUS:


• Laura Norman ReflexologySM Advanced Techniques (16 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman ReflexologySM Advanced Lower Leg and Foot
(16 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Polarity
(16 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman ReflexologySM with Aromatherapy
(8 CE Hours)
• Laura Norman Intuitive ReflexologySM
(8 CE Hours)

  ARCB Certified Reflexologist
NCBTMB Nationally Certified Practitioner
Class Info, Schedules, Fees

For Massage Therapists
: Florida CE Hours and New York State and national NCBTMB CE Hours are available for all Laura Norman ReflexologySM Certification Training Program classes.

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