Sande Rosen teaching Laura Norman Reflexology
Laura’s book Feet First and her DVD are amazing! Sande and Michael, her instructors, are so passionate, learning Laura’s Method of Reflexology is fun and easy."
-- Ken S.
, Graduate
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About Laura Norman ReflexologySM
      What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is an ancient healing technique practiced today throughout
the world to accelerate natural healing and maintain optimal health. These
profound results are achieved through the strategic use of firm pressure on
specific points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond to organs,
glands and the interconnected energy systems of the human body.
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How Does

      Reduces Stress
Increases Energy &
Relieves Pain
Assists in Weight
Aids in Overcoming
Improves Circulation
Cleanses Toxins
Enhances Creativity
Improves Sense of
Well Being
Laura Norman and class
      Who Studies Reflexology? Laypersons

New Career


Learn this loving and nurturing skill to benefit yourself and
your loved ones for a lifetime.

Enrolling in our Training Program is the ideal opportunity to take your first step to acquire the skills for a fulfilling new career as a Laura NormanSM Certified Reflexologist.

Massage therapists, nurses, estheticians, physical therapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, and other health and beauty professionals. Complete our Certification Program and inte-grate the Laura Norman Method of ReflexologySM into the health services you already provide.
  Why the
Laura NormanSM Method is Unique
  The Laura Norman Method of ReflexologySM empowers you and your client’s whole being—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually—to rejuvenate, strengthen and facilitate better health. World-renowned expert Reflexologist Laura Norman takes Reflexology beyond a healing art into a higher state of wellness through techniques such as visualization, presence of mind and spirit, connection, compassion and awareness. Laura’s relaxing therapeutic approach will provide you with the skills to assist your clients to focus on their desired outcomes to achieve their important goals. Class Info, Schedules, Fees  
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Feet First Book by Laura Norman

Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology

Laura Norman’s international best-seller, is available in five languages. With nearly half a million copies in circulation, Laura has written what is considered the essential text on the fundamentals of Reflexology and how it can improve the lives of people from birth onward.
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      Laura Norman Instructional DVD   Take Laura Norman home with you today!

Let Laura Norman teach you Reflexology at home with our easy-to- follow 60-minute DVD designed to help you master the art and science of Reflexology! Detailed charts and visuals - 30 easy to learn relaxation techniques - 50 hand, finger, and thumb techniques. Get a copy...
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